Rental Overview


When you are looking for a home to rent, there are several steps to the process. Which I’ve outlined below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.



To qualify to rent property, your monthly gross income needs to be 3 times the monthly rental amount. Example: Monthly rent is $2,000. Your gross monthly income should be $6,000. This can vary a little based on credit and debt to income ratios. You should also have good credit. If your credit is low, you may still be able to rent with a higher deposit and/or if you have a qualified co-signer.

Rental Application

Applying for the home you want to rent. We will submit an application for each adult that will be living in the home. The rental application fees vary from broker to broker and can range from $35 to $100+ per person. They will run a credit and background check. Usually the approval process can take a day or two. In some instances it can take a bit more.

Rental Deposit

Along with submitting the application and application fees, you will need to also provide a Cashiers Check for the deposit. Which equals one months rent (In some rare instances it may be more).

Signing the Lease

When you sign the lease you will need to provide a Cashiers Check made out to the Landlord(s).

Move in Inspection

You will have 5 days from your move in date, to do a property condition inspection. I will be there to help you with this. In some cases we may be able to do this a day or two before you move in. We will take notes of any damages and any needed repairs that were missed when we first viewed the property. This property report will be given to the landlord and then used when you move out. Any new damaged caused (outside of normal wear and tear) could be deducted from your deposit. If the damage exceeds the deposit given, you would be responsible for the difference.

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